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Ernest Platt (Bury) Ltd is a sixth generation family business supplying sealing solutions to industry. From the smallest O-ring to the sacrificial seal that started the Channel Tunnel we have been providing sealing solutions for 200 years.

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Flexible Connections

Ernest Platt manufacture bespoke flexible connections using high quality silicone and graphite cloth. Additional layers of PTFE and stainless steel are added for high temperature and pre pressure systems.

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High Temp. Door Seals

We specialise in high temperature oven door seals or P-seal glass, ceramic or stainless steel rope to create a bulb that will withstand very high temperatures. We also offer boiler door pilot seals, sight glasses, Ceramic fibre board, glass and ceramic ropes.

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Machine & Dust Covers

Cabin covers, machine covers, shot blast cabinet linings are all part of the service offered. High quality covers are machined to your specification at our works in Ramsbottom, Lancashire

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Gaskets & Sealing Solutions

Ernest Platt have been making gaskets and sealing solutions for 150 years. Today, state of the art cad/cam machinery facilitates the cutting of almost every type of gasket material size and thickness.

About Us

The company now known as Ernest Platt (Bury) Ltd was established in the mid 1800s as a rubber merchant and mill furnisher. William A Platt started his humble business from his home in Walmersley Road, with the company name being W A Platt & Son. Williams skill in his field earned him the nickname of India Rubber Bill.

Soon the company began to expand, moving into the field of boiler/pipe and heat insulation. He devised and manufactured his own insulation compounds and as all factories and mills at that time were steam driven this was an excellent period for the company. By the late 1890’s W A Platt & Son had gained a lucrative Admiralty Contract.

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